Configuring Nginx and Unicorn

I first heard about Unicorn in an interview with 37Signal’s server admin Mark Imbriaco and it made me really curious. There are a few great resources explaining how Unicorn works and a neat benchmark comparing Mongrel, Passenger and Unicorn. I will share my experience playing with Nginx and Unicorn on a Debian Lenny box.

Building your own Lightbox with Javascript

Why write your own lightbox? The simple answer is: to learn how it’s done. If you’re going to use if for an image gallery, embed flash and videos or even to load Ajax content you are probably better off using one of the many existing lightbox plugins (Thickbox, FancyBox). If you plan to use a […]

How to set up tax rules for sales within Canada in Magento

Objective: Set up the taxation system for Magento for sales within different provinces of Canada. Entering the Tax Rates for Retail Sales in Canada The tax rates used in this example are listed below. DISCLAIMER: the rates and tax rules may not be correct or up to date and are listed here to demonstrate how […]