Docker Ruby Images

In this article I will explore Docker more hands-on and describe various features of Docker using a few Ruby images as examples. You can read my previous article for an intro to Docker and virtualization. Docker Images Docker images are read only. When you pull a docker image and run it, the AuFS creates another […]

CoreOS Test Drive

Vagrant setup If you follow the CoreOS documentation and try to get a Vagrant cluster up and running┬áthe etcd cluster is not created by default. After cloning the Vagrant CoreOS repo, cd into the cluster folder and run vagrant up. This will start 3 core-os clusters numbered core-01 to core-03. You can ssh into them […]

Configuring Nginx and Unicorn

I first heard about Unicorn in an interview with 37Signal’s server admin Mark Imbriaco and it made me really curious. There are a few great resources explaining how Unicorn works and a neat benchmark comparing Mongrel, Passenger and Unicorn. I will share my experience playing with Nginx and Unicorn on a Debian Lenny box.