Magento Security: How to Change the Default Admin URL

In your production environment you want your Magento application to be as secure as possible (especially if you are saving sensitive customer information such as credit card numbers). To make it harder for people to break into your administration panel you should change the default admin path from to something less conspicuous – preferably […]

How to disable modules in Magento

Magento has a huge number of features and there are probably few businesses that will need to use all of them. If you want to disable some features completely for your site (such as the newsletter, or the tag cloud), you can do this easily through the administration options. System > Configuration > Advanced > […]

How to set up tax rules for sales within Canada in Magento

Objective: Set up the taxation system for Magento for sales within different provinces of Canada. Entering the Tax Rates for Retail Sales in Canada The tax rates used in this example are listed below. DISCLAIMER: the rates and tax rules may not be correct or up to date and are listed here to demonstrate how […]

jQuery Validation in Ruby on Rails

This post shows how you can use the jQuery Validation plugin to validate RESTful rails forms and how to use the remote method for powerful AJAX-backed validation.